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Cocoa Beans


Peruvian COCOA

Due the tightness of short supply and a growing demand on the world of COCOA beans and derivatives, Peru just found a place as one of the finest suppliers of these products.
There is really an interest for Peruvian COCOA products from the Industry of Chocolate in Europe and United States,

The Cocoa beans that Peru has, comes from the selection of fermented almond cacao with humidity under 8%. This product is highly demanded for the chocolate industry of the world.

We commercialize the COCOA beans that come from TINGO MARIA and TOCACHE one is located at the extreme EAST of CENTRAL part of PERU and the second at JUANJUI.

As we can see in the Map the production areas are diverse: 
Product description: Conventional Cocoa, according to the specification table below. 
Presentation: Yute bags of 64 kg. Ea (food grade)
Bag characteristics: New imported yute bags made from vegetable threads, standard size.
Bag measurements: 28" x 41.5"
Food grade Free of hydrocarbons

Weight 740 grams
Payment Conditions: L/c
Table of technical Specifications
Calibration: 85 - 95 seeds / 100 gr.
Defects: 4% maximum.
Humidity: 7. % - 8.0%
Fermentation: 72% minimum.
Crop : 2011
Shipment: Monthly shipments commencing February 2011
Price: NY COCOA Price

1. A contract agreement must be issued by the importer to the exporter and properly signed both parts,
2. containing the addresses of both parties, 
3. the description of the product, 
4. the presentation, 
5. the timing of the regular shipping deliveries requested, 
6. the price against those deliveries, 
7. the monthly deliveries required, 
8. the payment conditions, 
9. the documentation required and the technical specification agreed on them.

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