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Chinese Professional Manufacturer in Design and Manufacture of Valve Test Bench, Valve Test Rig

Valve Test Bench, VTB is the Chinese leader in Designing, Engineering and manufacturing of valve testing system. We specialized in hydrostatic and pneumatic testing for valves. We offer a complete line of valve testing systems and services to satisfy custom testing requirements. Our systems can exceed API-598, API-576, API-527, API-6D, ASME B16.34, DIN EN 12266,ISO 5208; ASME B 16.5; ASTME 1003-05; GOST 5762-2002; GOST 9544-2005.MSS & ISA standards. Our full line of valve testing systems have been designed to test Gate, Globe, Check, Plug, Ball, Needle, Butterfly, Control, Safety Relief Valves and special valves, fittings and pipe. With connections like Flanged, Socket Weld, Butt Welded, Female Threaded , Special Ended.

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