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Vegetables pulping machine and fruit pulping machine on sale


Stainless fruit pulping machine for starfruit,tomato,berry etc.
Fruit vegetable pulping machine, best selling vegetable and fruit pulping machine.

vegetable and fruit pulping machine
1. the pulp and residues will separates automatically
2. stainless material
3. used in a line or as a single machine

The pulp and residues will separates automatically. The production can be combined to the production and also can be carried out on a single machine. The parts contacting the material are all made of stainless steel, which meet the sanitary condition for food.

The fruit and vegetable pulping machine is an ideal machine for making jam, fruit juice, vegetable juice, suitable for a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables in pulping separation. such as: orange flesh, grapes, kiwi, mulberry, wax berry, peach (to nuclear) and so on,it can change them into jam juice, it can also pulping green vegetables , tomatoes, peppers, celery. the vegetables bar isolated, is an important equipment for food processing. The machine can separate fruit juice and tomato skin and seed.

Working principle :
Fruit and vegetable in the cylinder body with the beating plate rotates, squeezing, scraping the edge, crushed, the seeds, seeds, thin and greens, tomatoes, chili pepper seed seed husk separation.

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