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Street food vending cart and hot dog cart or mobile food trailer on sale


Cart Body:
The material of both sides is fibre glass which has the following characteristics: high strength, light weight, corrosion resistant, insulating, fire resistant.The backboard of the food cart uses double-layer color steel plate with thermal insulating layer; the material of the front serving window is anti-impact board; the chassis has four inflatable strong wheels, two of them can be used to turn and is equipped with high-speed bearings; Four Jacks to fix up and keep stable
The inside and outside of the food cart use car paint.

Briefly of description:
The cart using high strength steel welding .the workbench was make up of durable glass steel and double-layer color steel plate which has the following functions:rainproof ,sunscreen,sound insulation,heat insulation.The bottom of the cart with a flexible rotation of the wheels, it is convenient for your operation.We can change the color according to your need.

mobile food trailer Standard Equipment:
1, Two gas steamers(can be change into fryer)
2, One Gas BBQ Grill
3, One Gas Burner.
4, Stainless steel store cabinet at back
5, Drop-leaf plates at serving window. Double- layers stainless steel shelves on the back wall

mobile food trailer Electric Accessories: Lighting device, socket, voltage governor, fuse/connecting box and external cables available.

Any Color Choice: Red, Yellow, Orange, Dark blue, Green and so on

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