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Round-Flow Ceiling-Mounted Cassette-1.8Kw


8-way cassette type fan coil unit(drained pump inside)(G style)
360° airflow to reduce drafts and improve comfort
Air volume=200CFM-1600CFM(340m³/h-2720m³/h)
cooling capacity:1.8Kw--14.4Kw(0.5RT--4.0RT)
EC motor is standard, DC motor is optional , high efficiency and energy saving.
2 pipes and 2 rows type as standard. 4 pipe is optional.
Water valve inside is optional.
1. Surround air flowing(8-way),there wind can arrive every where in the room
2. Fashion designs, the panel is beautiful and elegant.
3. Thin design unit which can be installed in a limit ceiling (the Min. thickness is 240mm)
4.Remote controller is standard and wire controller is optional
5. Quiet running
Because adopt bigger diameter fan,we can reduce the running speed of the fan, which will cause to lower noise.
6.High lift water drained pump (750mm),easy to plan the Condensate drained pipe
7.Auto swing
8. Float switch inside to prevent from leaking
9. Fresh air can be inputed from outside
10. Negative ion generator is optional
11. The water remain in the tray is easy to drained by manual. There are a rubber plug on the water collecting tray,we can drained out the dirty water by manual. Because the water remained inside the tray will keep for a long time, then there will be very dirty and there might be lots bacterial inside too,draining out the dirty water is beneficial to the health and also reduce the possible of pump blocking.
12. Easy to be installed,Low installation cost
13. Fan and fan motor is easy to maintain
14. Square panels ,which can choose the direction of inlet/outlet water connection freely
15. Corner cover design makes installation and maintian maintenance.
16. The dimension of G1 unit is only 570×570, which can be installed in a standard ceiling opening.
17. Easily interfaced with most widely used BMS and proprietary supervisory system based on mod Bus protocol.
18. Stainless steel hose can be installed to the unit and act as the inlet/outlet water connection of the unit(optional).
19. Square panels ,which can choose the direction of inlet/outlet water connection freely

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