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Rescue boat

Rescue boat


  Rescue boat
Rescue boat is made from fiber reinforced plastic(FRP),between its inner hull and outer hull is filled with polyurethane foams to offer sufficient buoyancy.If damages occur to the boat body under water,the buoyant hull can still provide sufficient buoyancy to enable the boat to said safety on the water surface.
Teel handrails are installed on both sides of the boat for occupants,self-discharging deck ensures quick distance of water in the boat.Fast rescue boat is equipped with self-righting air-tank,which meets the requirements for use on board of the ROFO vessel,which is according to the latest regulation of SOLAS and international standards to design and build.

Type Main dimension
(m) Passenger
(p) Navigation speed Host/power
(kw)  Weight
  (kg) Full weight
G-4.5M 4.50*1.86*0.85 6 ≥6 Mercury25ml/18.4
Tohatso M25C  6.25 1120
G-4.5M 4.50*1.86*0.85 6 ≥6  6.25 1120
G-4.5M-1 4.50*1.86*0.85 6 ≥6 380J-3/20.6
DV29/21.3  990 1485
G-4.5M-2 4.50*1.86*0.85 6 ≥6  990 1485
&&&&&&: 15PPM oily water separator
15ppm bilge alarm/bilge separator
ODM system
fresh water generator
Re-hardening water filter
marine incinerator
marine sewage treatment plant

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