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Radmutter Drehmomentverstärker Гайковерт удлиненный на подшипнике


Radmutter Drehmomentverstärker Гайковерт удлиненный на подшипнике lug nut torque multiplier direct factory from China

we have CE certificate ,BD-58D-A,BD-58D-S,BD-58C-E,BD-58D-B this four type mostly export to Europe.

Following is the BD-58D-A

Condition: New

One Man Hand power to remove / Install Truck, Bas and light commercial vehicles.
Weight about 13 kgs
Drive: 1"
Trans-speed ratio:1: 58
Output torque>5000N.M
Ideal for removing/installing wheel nuts on commercial and light commercial vehicles when air impact wrench is not easily accessible. Supplied in carry-case, 1"DRx33mm And 1"DRx41mm impact socket.

Labor Saving Wrench adopts high efficiency planetary shifting as main drive. It futures small dimension, lightness, durability and large gear ratio and this a large output torque can be produced by Input less force. The wrench is widely used to assemble and disassemble the tires of various heavy trucks. It is a necessity for repairmen or drivers.

Yuhuan Haiyi Machine Factory
Dongqing Industiral District,Chengguan,Yuhuan Country

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