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Ointment packaging,aluminum tube for pharmaceutical


Collapsible aluminum tube,medecine tube,
skin care ointments tube,paint tube,pigment tube,
hand cream tube, hair dye tubes,

Feature: 1-internal lacquer anti-oxidize material . bottom latex
2- ultraviolet sterilization
Usage: packaging for pharmaceutical . cosmetic (hair dye cream, personal care cream, burn ointment,eye cream, hand cream, hotel toothpaste etc.) . Shoeshine cream . food (chocolate . mustard . jam.
animal food etc . )
Output ability:
pharmaceutical tubes 80-100 pcs/minute
cosmetic tubes 120- 180pcs/minute
Please tell me your required quantity and tube's diameter and length.

We manufacture Aluminium Collapsible Tubes of following specifications:
1 Nozzle Types: Open, Closed(Sealed) or Elongated (used for Eye Ointments and Adhesives).
2 Internal Coating: Available for highly reative products such as Pharmaceuticals.for food(jam)
3 Special Internal Coating:Available for Hair Color and Methysalicylate containing Ointments and Creams.
4 Caps:Various type of caps are available such as Fez type, Sit-On type etc
5 External Decoration:Wide arrays of Printing and Coatings are available to make your product attractive.
6 Latex:For products which tend to leak from the seal end of the tube.

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