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XG No lag technology
Provides the smoothest cursor motion during game play
5 modes selection
Set up custom macros for your games in each mode
Selectable report rate
125 / 250 / 500 Hz (2ms response time) for office, drawing or gaming applications
48K onboard memory
Stores custom macros into the receiver. Perform them at any time even no Oscar software is needed
Custom resolution
Adjustable between 0-3200 DPI in each mode
GlassRun technology
Works even on slightly dusty glass
Extra low-power consumption: 8mA / 125Hz
RF signal indication
Helps to find the optimal location
Adjustable operating range - 20m
Adjustable between 15 and 20 meters
(Far operating range setting provides best RF quality)
Power-saving management
Sleeping time and wake-up settings
Automatic power-off after PC is turned off
16 pre-defined mouse movements perform your favorite commands
4-way wheel
Smart vertical and horizontal scrolling

Brief Specification

Net weight: 83g( 0g Battery Included)
Dimensions: 112.7 (L)*6 .8 (W)*3 .6 (H) mm
Receiver: Nano
Buttons No.: 7
Software: Oscar Mouse Editor
Power management: Dual-mode for Game/ Office
Report rate: selectable 125 / 250 / 500 Hz
Resolution: 5 levels adjustable between 0-3200 DPI
Wireless range: 20 meters
Rating: 3 V / 8 mA (125Hz) 3V/14mA (500Hz)
Package Contents
Wireless gaming mouse
Nano receiver
USB extension cable
2 AA alkaline batteries
CD (software, user manual)
User guide
System Requirements
Outbox Dimension

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