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GSM SMS Controller(2I/2O/USB Ports),


The GSM SMS Controller-Alarm is a very simple device which can be used for authorized door access, controlling gates, switching of remote equipments, car parking systems. Actually the GSM SMS Controller can be used in places which require turning ON/OFF your system, machines, equipments remotely with a SMS text from your mobile phone and protect your assets.

Moreover, the GSM SMS Controller-Alarm with 2 digital inputs, when any one of the inputs triggered, will start the siren or switch on the light automatically. in the meanwhile, the GSM SMS Controller will send SMS Alert the to owners immediately. This is very useful if you need protect your assets with low cost solution.

Security Alarm System applications;

Supervision and monitoring alarm systems;

Automatic monitoring system;

Vending Machines security protection;

Pumping Stations, Tanks, Oil or Water levels;

Buildings and Real Estate;

Weather Stations;

River Monitoring and Flood Control;

Oil and gas pipelines;

Corrosion protection

Temperatures, water leakage applications;

Wellheads, boat, vehicle;

Energy saving, street lights control system;

Valve controls;

Transformer stations;

Unmanned machine rooms;

Control room application;

Automation System, M2M;

GSM Access Control System, GSM Gate Opener, etc.

Mainly Features of the GSM SMS Controller-Alarm S130:

◆ 1 relay output can be switched ON/OFF by sending a SMS text;

◆ 1 relay output can be switch on 4minutes if any inputs triggered;

◆ 2 Alarm logic inputs, NC or NO and EOL is optional;

◆ 3 SMS Alert numbers and 5 auto-dial numbers can accept to the alarm message;

◆ Two-way voice communication by external microphone and speaker;

◆ Supports armed, disarmed, inquiry status, switch on or off relay output by SMS Commands;

◆ Password protected, prevents unauthorized user;

◆ Can be set up and programmed from PC Programmer by USB cable;

◆ Time stamped alarm messages;

◆ Backup rechargeable battery inside, can work for 24hours when power off;

◆ Can be operated from anywhere, no distance limit;

◆ Based on GSM Network, applied to many application

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