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Fish pond aerator and aquaculture aerator or paddle wheel aerator on sale


Paddle wheel aerator Specifications
1, good water current circulation
2, Low friction gear reducer
3, Sturdy stainless steel Frame

The paddle wheel aerator include:
Motor, impeller, floating body, frame and cover piece.

Features of paddle wheel aerator:
1. Built-in protector will jump off automatically so as not to burn down the engine if the lack phase of tri-phase source or engine overheating occurs.
2. The gear is using chromium-manganese-titanium alloy steel immersed in carbon and nitrogen, which can prolong the life span
3. Using a patented technique, the non-welded impeller can run stably, and it is easy to carry around.
4. To ensure permanent application under strongly corrosive conditions ( seawater or industrial sewage ) without replacing the impeller or painting.
5.This aerator used to fishpond that water depth over 1-2m and big area fishpond.

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