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Cooling machine and pellet cooler or wood pellet cooler


1.Adopting counter flow cooling principle
2.Low air consumption
3.Material distribution evenly

Pellet Cooling Machine Main Features:
1. The advanced counter flow cooling principle is widely used in the cooling of pellet feed, such as pellet feed, expansion feed, puffing feed, tabletting feed.
2. The cooling tank is octangle which can help the pellet to be cooled down in all angles.
3. The pellets are with high uniformity thanks for the material scatter equipment, the totally cooling can also reduce the broken rate of the pellet.
4. The pellets temperature after cooling will not be higher than the room temperature, which can provide a high output with low energy consumption.
5. The working process can last for 15-20 minutes,which will lead to a good performance and quality.
6. This pellet cooling machine is greatly suitable for the producing aquatic animal feed and poultry feed with high quality.

Pellet Cooling Machine Main advantages:
1. We have technical department to provide professional guidance.
2. We have different level animal feed cooling machines for different clients choice.
3. We can design feed producing line as your request, and provide installing guidance.

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