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Ceiling Suspended fan coil unit-500CFM


Water chilled Ceiling floor type Fan coil unit
Air volume=300CFM -1400CFM(340m³/h-2380m³/h)
cooling capacity:12.7Kw--12.6Kw(0.75RT--3.5RT)
Can be installed by ceiling mounted,floor standing or wall mounted. Save space maximum
CE & ROHS standard
It can be installed on the floor or under the ceiling with the features of easy and flexible installation, wide range and long distance air supply,good performance,various control Functions and slim body,it is especially applicable to the hotel office,meeting room with low space room.
Luxury appearance design,not only meet the cooling(heating) demand,but also beautify indoor decoration.
Auto swing function three-dimensional wide angle airflow, makes indoor airflow more even and enhances comfort of airflow
Elaborate structure design makes installation and maintenance more convenient.
Remote controller is standard,and wire controller is optional.
Water valve inside is optional.
2 pipe and 4 pipe is optional.

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