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ESTIMADOS .POSEEMOS UNA CARTERA IMPORTANTE DE TENEDORES DE BONOS Y TAMBIEN COMPRADORES, Q ESTAN SOLICITANDO. ESTE LISTADO.. DEAR MR. ...MAYBE INTEREST....PLEASE READ, READ THANKS. ESTIMADO SR. ....QUIZAS INTERESE.... POR FAVOR LEER, LEER GRACIAS. ENVIÓ PRECIOS ACTUALIZADOS DE INSTRUMENTOS HISTÓRICOS DENOMINADOS BONOS MEXICANOS, CHINOS, Y OTROS. SENT PRICES UPDATED REFERRED HISTORICAL INSTRUMENTS MEXICAN BONDS, CHINESE, AND OTHERS. IMPORTANT TO CONSIDER: BUYER NEED THE FULL PACKAGE. DATED MONDAY NOVEMBER 12, 2012. PROOF OF LIFE OF THE BOND. (POL) VALID: MUST SEND 1 SINGLE PICTURE, GRAB THE BOND WITH THE NEWSPAPER. AND ONLY TO THE SHOULDERS, IF YOU LIKE TO FACE. MUST BE THE 4 CORNERS OF THE BOND. AND THE ENTIRE FREE ENVIRONMENT (2CM.), AND FENCING WITH BROAD RED PEN, THE DATE OF THE NEWSPAPER. (THIS IS PROOF OF LIFE). 1 BOND. NEEDED: TAKE 2 PICTURES PER BOND: BOND SET ON THE FLOOR, THE FACE OF THE BOND. AND THE DAILY NEWSPAPER. (FENCING WITH RED FEATHER. NEWSPAPER DATE), THE 4 CORNERS OF THE BOND, AND ENVIRONMENT SHOULD BE FREE (2CM.), AS THE BACK OF THE BOND. (THESE WILL BE USED TO MAIL SURVEY). WHEN ARE SEVERAL: THE OTHER BONDS. PUT ON THE FLOOR WITH NEWSPAPER, FAN, OR STAIRS. PROCEDURES ARE STRICT AND MUST COMPLY ALL DOCUMENTS ARE TO BE DATED ON DAY OF SUBMISSION AND HAVE WET-BLUE-INK SIGNATURE. PHOTOGRAPHS OF BOND SHOULD BE HIGH-RESOLUTION AND HAVE THE SAME DAY NEWSPAPER SHOWING WITH IT. IN CASE OF AN INDIVIDUAL SELLER PLEASE SHOW PASSPORT AS WELL. THEY SHOULD ALSO TAKE A PHOTOGRAPH OF THE BOND OWNER HOLDING THE BONDS AND NEWSPAPER LA GENEALOGY; GENEALOGY SEND IN PDF WITH SIGNATURE OF SELLER, AND OTHER IN WORD. IMPORTANTE TOMAR EN CONSIDERACIÓN: EL COMPRADOR NECESITA EL PAQUETE COMPLETO CON FECHA LUNES 12 DE NOVIEMBRE DEL 2012. LA PRUEBA DE VIDA DEL BONO (POL) VÁLIDA: DEBE ENVIAR 1 SOLA FOTOGRAFÍA; AGARRA EL BONO CON EL PERIÓDICO Y SOLO HASTA LOS HOMBROS, SI GUSTA HASTA EL ROSTRO. DEBE VERSE LAS 4 ESQUINAS DEL BONO Y EL TODO EL ENTORNO LIBRE (2CM.), Y CERCAR CON PLUMÓN ROJO LA FECHA DEL PERIÓDICO (ESTO ES PRUEBA DE VIDA). DE 1 BONO SE NECESITA: TOMAR 2 FOTOGRAFÍAS POR BONO: PONER EL BONO EN EL PISO; LA CARA DEL BONO Y EL PERIÓDICO DEL DÍA (CERCAR CON PLUMÓN ROJO LA FECHA DEL PERIÓDICO), LAS 4 ESQUINAS DEL BONO, ENTORNO DEBE VERSE Y LIBRE (2CM.), LO MISMO EL REVERSO DEL BONO (ESTOS SERVIRÁN PARA PERITAJE ELECTRÓNICO). CUANDO SON VARIOS: LOS OTROS BONOS PONER EN EL PISO CON EL PERIÓDICO, EN ABANICÓ, O COMO ESCALERAS. PROCEDIMIENTOS SON ESTRICTAS Y DEBERÁN ATENERSE TODOS LOS DOCUMENTOS DEBEN SER DE FECHA EN EL DÍA DE LA PRESENTACIÓN Y TENGA WET-BLUE-INK FIRMA. FOTOGRAFÍAS DEL BONO DEBE SER DE ALTA RESOLUCIÓN Y TENER EL PERIÓDICO EL MISMO DÍA QUE MUESTRA CON ÉL. EN CASO DE UN VENDEDOR INDIVIDUAL POR FAVOR VER PASAPORTE. TAMBIÉN TIENEN QUE TOMAR UNA FOTOGRAFÍA DE EL PROPIETARIO DE BONOS QUE LLEVA A CABO LOS BONOS Y PERIÓDICOS. LA GENEALOGIA ; ENVIE LA GENEALOGIA EN PDF CON FIRMA DEL VENDEDOR, Y OTRO EN WORD. PLEASE BE ADVISED- BUYER HAS CLOSED- BUYER #1 I am now direct to the mandate for a 1, Platform buyer that is currently accepting Mexican and Chinese Historical Bonds. Attached are the necessary forms for submission, and below are the procedures for the redemption of the bonds. Chinese Bonds: 1913's Only (May open up to other Bond Years at a later date) · 1913 Chinese Reorganization 5% 20lb Gold Backed Bond = $100M per bond – minimum 20 Bonds · 1913 Chinese Reorganization 5% 100lb Gold Backed Bond = $350M per bond – minimum 20 Bonds · 1913 Chinese Petchili 500,000 Sterling = $500B - $1T per bond Mexican Bonds: · Blueberry Mexican Gold Backed Bond = $1B - $2B (20min) · Four Head President Mexican Gold Backed Bond = $100B · Napoleon Westphalia Mexican Bond = $75B - $125B · 1843 Black Eagle 27,500 Pesos Mexican Bond = $200B - $300B · Queen Victoria 1000 Pesos Mexican Bond = $100B - $200B · San Luis Potosi Mexican Bond = $300B - $500B · Christopher Columbus Mexican Bond = $200 -$500B · Winston Churchill Mexican Bond = $180B - $200B · Umbrella / Big Daddy Mexican Bond = $500- $700B · Red Diamond Mexican Bond = $300 - $500B KYC CIS Package Guidelines: · Packages need to be done correctly date within 1 days including all photos. · Please make sure that every page is Wet Blue Ink initials and signatures ( Not digital, electronic, cut and paste or photo shopped will be rejected) · CIS should be notarized · Passport in color · Attorney Attestation -Wet Blue Ink ( Not electronic - not digital not photo shopped) · Proof of Life sample is attached - Circle date on newspaper in Red Blue Ink · Bond held in front of the newspaper just below the name and the date –“See attaché example” · Please use the same newspaper for the Proof of Life and the bond Pictures · Bond pictures need to be front - back and coupons JPEG - Edge to Edge - show serial numbers · Passco Report or Perito Report · We do not want bonds that are not authenticated, PROCEDURES · Full KYC; POL's; Etc..Dated within 3 Days of Submission.) · Seller will be contacted within 48-72 Banking hours to comply with the Joint Venture Agreement. · Close within 10 Banking days, once the Joint Venture Agreement is signed and compliance is completed. · The Client will have full control of their Bond(s) at all times until they are physically surrendered at the time of Closing in Zurich. · Prior to traveling to Zurich, The Client will have the Contract and all other Closing documentation in their possession. · The Bonds will close in Zurich and be paid through a Lichtenstein Bank. Transportation will be provided to the Client. (As per the digression of the Buyer) · Include the Genealogy of Intermediary's involved. Noting the Seller Rep / Mandate information as they will be a primary for the IMFPA. *Note: Genealogy's must accompany the KYC package. Please include all intermediaries; Full Name, Passport/Driver LIC number, Nationality, Phone number and Email address. There will be no package submission without it. ** Note: Any delay past the 1 days will require a new/updated KYC and new POL. No exceptions. BUYER #2 ALL THE PETCHILI'S U CAN FIND - 1.5T 500B DOWN REST OVER 40 WKS NEED 10 ,1.1M POTOSI GOLD -300-500B 20% DOWN REST OVER 40 WKS NEED 4 ,1935 16.5 UMBRELLAS 800B-15 20% DOWN REST 40 WKS NEED 10, QV 1000 130B 20% DOWN REST OVER 40 WKS NEED ALL 27500 - 150B 20 % DOWN REST OVER 40 WKS NEED ALL 4HP 50-80B -20% DOWN REST OVER 40 WKS THESE BONDS ARE BEING BOUGHT BY A PLATFORM TO FUND A SPECIAL PROJECT. SELLER WILL BE CALLED SAME DAY OF SUBMISSION, CLOSING 7-10 DAYS IN ZURICH OR US. MAKE SURE BONDS ARE NOT SHOPPED ALL OVER THE PLANET AND YOUR GROUP HAS AUTHORITY TO BRING PACKAGE FORWARD BECAUSE BUYERS KNOW OF MOST REAL BONDS STILL ON THE MARKET. THIS IS 1ST COME , 1ST SERVE. THERE IS 1 PERSON AHEAD OF ME THAT STARTS THE SELL SIDE.NO PERITO /PASCO NECESSARY, PACKAGE HAS TO BE CURRENT PLATFORM HAS STARTED BUYER# 3 COMPLETE PACKAGES DIRECT BUYER? ONLY A REAL AND PROVEN SELLERS .... THE COMPLIANCE OFFICER HAS THE TOP 25 BANKS, BOND BUYERS, MEXICAN AND CHINESE. The rules are: - Direct contact with the actual seller. - I need is relevant evidence that actual seller. - At least 5 different bonds: Napoleon, Pitchelli, Black Eagle 27,500, QV1000, Christopher Columbus, San Luis Potosi, Umbrella, 100 Blueberry bonds, 1843 Black Eagle full suite 8 bonds, minimum 5 Winston Churchill bonds, at least 100 Chinese Bonds 1913 20lbs or 100 lbs, 3 Coins 6 Coins. - I need information: example. Old packages presented by the seller, or POL dated day, And Basic CIS. - I, I see that the seller is real and has the bonds. - Send email to the seller with the name of the authorized bank compliance officer. - Send sample letter, the seller writes an email, a letter to the compliance officer, is presented as the owner and seller, sends its basic data, full name, passport #, phone, and address. - The seller, must announce its intention to sell its bonds. following: 1. - Xx 2. - Xx 3. - Xx 4. - Xx 5. - Xx And the bank requested format. - The Compliance Officer, answers, send an email and sends a Buyer bank format. - The seller sends the package to the buyer's Compliance Officer. - The Compliance Officer sends contract and closes. Important Note. - - If the seller is a person of great age. - If the seller is not the person completing the form, and send it to another person. - The seller must provide the same email, the person authorizing and fill the form: full name, passport #, email, address and phone. - The format of the buyer, comes with security code. - The Compliance Officer finds, and know whom you are sending. - Do not send the form to anyone else, cause you problems. - Bonds President 4 faces, have not accepted by many, but we have another line purchase, real and direct. BUYER#4.- PPP Chinese and Blueberrys. This introduction is an offer to participate in our Private Platform Program for Chinese bonds and Blueberries. This is not a redemption program. The platform invitation is 100% private and cannot be divulged to any other party for the 42 week + 1 day trade. Contract with bondholder and trade platform will confirm payout terms. We are accepting a minimum of 100 Blueberries without a limit. Pay outs are: · $1 Billion Net cash down payout to seller with balance of $25 Billion dollars Net paid out over the next 42 weeks on a monthly basis We are now also accepting Chinese £20lb, £100, £500 and Province of Petchili £500,000 Sterling Bonds for the following payout terms. Larger volumes will be viewed more favourably. · £20 Chinese Government Reorganization 5% Gold Loan Bonds have a total cash pay-out value of $50,000,000 (Fifty Million USD) with initial cash down of 8% or $4 Million with balance paid out over 42 weeks; Seller can elect an all cash, one time payout option of $13 Million · The £100 Chinese Government Reorganization 5% Gold Loan Bonds have a total cash pay-out value of $130,000,000 (One Hundred Thirty Million USD) Net with initial cash down of 8 to 15% or $10.4 to 19.5 Million with balance paid out over 42 weeks · The £500 Chinese Government Reorganization 5% Gold Loan Bonds are subject to pricing by the platform administrators · Government of the Chinese Republic, Lung-Tsing-U-Hai Railway – 1913, £20; See above · Government of the Chinese Republic, Lung-Tsing-U-Hai Railway – 1913, £; See above · Chinese Imperial Government 4.5% Gold Loan – 1898, £50 are subject to pricing by the platform administrators · The Province de Petchili bond will have a total cash pay-out value of up to $500 (Five Hundred) Billion USD or more with initial cash down of $200 (Two Hundred) Billion USD Net with balance paid out over 42 weeks The following is what you can expect on the packages you submit to us now and in the future with closing expected to take between 21 to 30 banking days where packages submitted with authentication reports may take less time to close. BUYER# 5.- 1843 Black Eagle Buyer -- 30B + 10% All CASH -- Close in Miami/Zurich - NO KYC - NO SERIAL NUMBER OR BOND COPY UPFRONT PROCEDURES FOR BLACK EAGLE 27.5 CASH Offer is 30B + 10% fees ( all Cash to the seller and not structured or payments over time). For initial engagement: Color Copy of seller's passport ((( *** NO KYC OR COPY OF THE BOND REQUIRED UPFRONT ***))) CIS, Fee Agreement with Genealogy signed by the seller. Docs are sent to Legal Rep for the Buyer. Owner will be invited to the bank to meet with the closing attorney. Seller brings the bond - closing attorney will take seller POL photo and front and back copy of the bond during the TTM in the bank in Miami or Zurich) Contract is issued - seller counter signs and the deal closes. PROCEDIMIENTOS DE NEGRO EAGLE 27,5 Oferta en Efectivo es 30B + honorarios 10% (todo el efectivo al vendedor y no estructurados o pagos a lo largo del tiempo). Para la primera participación: Copia en color del pasaporte del vendedor (((*** NO KYC o copia del Bono requerida UPFRONT ***))) CIS, Acuerdo de cuota de Genealogía firmado por el vendedor. Docs se envían al representante legal para el Comprador. Dueño serán invitados al banco para reunirse con el abogado de cierre. Vendedor trae el lazo - abogado de cierre se llevará a foto vendedor POL y frente y copia de la fianza durante el TTM en el banco en Miami o Zurich) Contrato se emite - vendedor firma de venta libre y se cierra el trato.Buyer # 6.- I HAVE BUYER FOR JAPANESE BONDS. We are looking Japanese Bonds seria 57 500JPN Bi issued on 1983 Pay $3B to $6B Each BUYER# 7.-7.1.- PROCEDURES- Treaty of Versailles (TOV) BOXES Facilitators to Platform will send out directly NCND’s to be signed by all parties, one for the Principal, and one for the Intermediaries. Once the NCND’s are signed and back to facilitator, a call with client and Facilitator will be made to discuss the entire process. If the parties agree to move forward after the call, Facilitator will immediately send out a compliance package to client. Once the client fills out the compliance package, and everything is in order, client will send back to Facilitator for review. It is to be sent back in word unsigned. Facilitator will note any changes and return to client for finalization, signing and notarization. Once the compliance package is fully executed Facilitator will submit directly to the platform for compliance review. Once client passes compliance, and the trader has negotiated a deal with the Federal Government, the funds will be placed into trade and the trading process will begin. Once compliance is complete, the platform will be in contact with Owner regarding the contract for the trade and the procedures that will be taken. At that time all the procedures will be detailed to provide the comfort that everyone is protected. 7.2.-PLATFORM IS THE COMPLIANCE OFFICER OF THE FED. An Overview of the TOV, FRN, WELLS FARGO, & JP MORGAN HISTORICAL BOX and/ or BOND REDEMPTION Trade Program. 1. The client will get 17% of the Face Value of the Historical Bonds. As an example, a TOV Mother Box had a face value of $3T, so the party who is holding the box would get $510B gross over the contract. 2.- 80% of the Face Value goes to Humanitarian Projects. If the Box Holder has Humanitarian Projects, these can be funded out of this 80% value provided they would be acceptable. The balance would go to other Humanitarian Projects. 3. The Box Holder will be given an Immunity Letter when the verification is done up front. The Box Holder will keep holding the Box until they have received their full payout according to the contract and then will turn the Box over. 4. The Platform that is doing this trade was setup just to handle these types of assets. 5. Compliance is handled diligently once a complete package is received. A complete package must include all the appropriate completed documents and photos necessary to move to the next level. 6.There are no minimum amounts accepted provide a COMPLETE submission package is presented. 7. A consultant fee is 3% - 1.5% going to the platform and the bal 1.5% to Intermediaries. We have active Buyers of these bonds looking for potential Sellers of Chinese and Mexican Bonds for a Redemption Program (Sell). Due to the enormous flood of active Sellers and Bond Holders for the Redemption Program (Sell) , many are not making the cut with their current CIS Packages. Because many don?t know what the Buyers are looking for in a Bond Presentation Package (KYC Compliance CIS Package). have explain to us that many of the Bond Presentation Packages (KYC Compliance CIS Package) are over looked because no attention to details, no original signatures, improper POL Photos, no notarizes, unclear or not enlarged passport photos, No Front, Back and Coupon Photos, no original signature on the Attorney Attestation Letters, History of Asset not complete or not enough information and no Perito ?s or Passco ?s . So I have gathered exactly what they are looking for and how to put the KYC Compliance CIS Package together properly. Lets focus on the submission package in great detail to ensure the success of our Historic Bond transactions. Numbers are very low in this industry because of the paper work and the attention to details which is a must for submitting intermediaries. Guidelines  Packages need to be done correctly date within in the day including all photos, fresh package.  Please make sure that every page is Wet Blue Ink initials and signatures ( Not digital, electronic, cut and paste or photo shopped will be rejected)  CIS  Passport in color  Attorney Attestation -Wet Blue Ink ( Not electronic - not digital not photo shopped)  Proof of Life sample is attached - Circle date on newspaper in Red Blue Ink  Bond held in front of the newspaper just below the name and the date –“See attaché example”  Please use the same newspaper for the Proof of Life and the bond Pictures  Bond pictures need to be front - back and coupons JPEG - Edge to Edge - show serial numbers  Passco Report or Perito Report  The Attorney Attestation Letter. Attorney with the coordinates with day date, or days 30 less maximum.  We do not want bonds that are not authenticated, Format: filling complete package package print, sign the owner or seller, rubric in all the pages, scan the package, put it in PDF. Equal the genealogy Formato: llenar paquete completo, imprimir paquete, firmar el dueño o vendedor, rubrica en todas la paginas, escanea el paquete, ponerlo en PDF. Igual la genealogía ONE THING IS FOR SURE THAT ANY PACKAGE YOU WILL BRING TO ME..........L GUARANTEE YOU THAT WILL GO DIRECTLY TO BUYER NOT TO ANY BROKER IN BETWEEN AND IT REQUIRES MAXIMUM 5,..10,…15 BANKING DAYS (DEPENDS ON THE BOND) TO FINALIZE THE TRANSACTION PROVIDED PACKAGE IS REAL AND OWNER IS GENUINE. Today we had several conversations wit our buyers as to the status of your bonds. We are pleased to let you know that all our buyers have now finally started to engage with sellers. We have reports from all our sellers that the calls are being made, some are in contract, and some are closing, and some have closed. To me this is good news and signs that finally the sovereign buying program is in motion. If you understand the entire picture the IMF has been the hold up. As of Monday after the Tokyo meeting IMF President LeGuarde finally approved the release of the funds for the Bond buying program. Also tied into this is the start of the TOV Boxes Redemption program and the Japanese Bond Redemption program. The Platform Bond Trading Programs The Re-Valuation of World Currencies Prosperity Programs Humanitarian Project Funding. This has all been tied into together. The Chinese who are buying 80% of the Mexican Bonds and All of the Chinese Bonds had to wait for IMF approval to start the buying and Platform trading of these bonds. I am told Chinese Bonds will begin Payouts by the end of of October. Private sales of Historical Bonds have been taking place at lower discounted prices, however now is mentioned above from all my buyers progress has finally begun. Keep in mind that many, many packages have been taken in, and I have confidence that we have placed or bonds with good buyers. At this time how quickly you get contacted and go into contract will depend on the following submission of your bonds. You will need to comply with buyers requests. 1. You may be asked to submit a Updated POL or KYC or both. Some buyers have been waiting months for LC or funding. Some sellers have placed there bonds with multiple buyers. The seller will NOT set up a closing and got to contract without knowing the the owner of the bond is still in possession of the Bonds. If you are not willing to do this good luck in selling your bonds. 2. First Bonds to go will be the upper end Bonds that have Pasco and Perito. Next will be upper end bonds without Pasco or Perito and the down to lower end bonds with Pasco and Perito. 3. The bond owner and bonds will also be a factor. Good clean bonds will be very desirable as to bonds that have been shopped around and I also have been told length of ownership is a factor. Also Bond owners that have had problems in the past or have non performance issues will be overlooked. As today as mentioned all buyers have confirmed they are engaging with buyers and you must wait your turn. We are not the buyers and you must wait until they call you. The same for Platform Trades of Bonds You can call us every day for updates , however it will not change anything. From this point on the buyer is in control and he is the one that will decide, how , when where, and why. So please wait and be patient. Regards 09 de Noviembre del 2012 Estimado Sr. Por favor revise los procedimientos para la compra del Águila Negra 1843 pesos 27.500.000. SÓLO AGUILA NEGRA. Mínimamente buscamos lo siguiente: 1) número de folio (s) y 2) el "nombre del propietario" de dicho bono (s). Imagen de la parte delantera y trasera del Bono con diario actual para demostrar que existe un vínculo real y que es actualmente disponible y en control del vendedor. Si el bono (s) se encuentra en México puede ser apropiado para atender las necesidades del comprador y las necesidades del vendedor también. Capacidad de los vendedores para proporcionar 3) muestra del CIS y 4) una foto de cada bono "suspendido en el aire" que evidencia claramente el número de folio en gran medida asegurar que podemos continuar. Si la revisión del Comprador; De las fotos de los bonos y de la CIS propietario se considera aceptable para el Comprador (por lo general 24 a 48 horas) llevar a cabo la debida diligencia sobre el armador y Bond. 1) El comprador enviará entonces Perito en cualquier parte del mundo para autentificar el bono. 2) Entonces, si el bono es bueno, el Abogado del Comprador volara cualquier lugar en el mundo "para cumplir con el Vendedor”. 3) El Abogado del Comprador Mostrara Prueba Actual de los Fondos. 4) Y Proveerá Contrato de Compra. 5) Se abrirá una cuenta bancaria para el vendedor en el Banco del comprador. 6) Lo haremos Ledger to Ledger a todas las transferencias de efectivo en la Cuenta Bancaria del vendedor. 7) El vendedor Libera el Bond para el comprador. 8) Se cerrará la Compra-Puede ocurrir en uno o dos días. El Vendedor y el Abogado del Comprador, se encargaría para volar a un punto elegido para el cierre de la transacción Águila Negra 27.500 bonos (s). $ 100 a $ 150 B Cash. Vendedor le producirá neto un 80% del precio de venta. Vendedor debe estar de acuerdo con los contratos de consultores del 20%, así como la Carta de Dirección. Saludos cordiales.
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